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Swami Keshwanand College of Arts, Science and Commerce


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Vision Mission

Education in the context of the child, should be formative, informative and motivative. The mind of the child is both receptive and selective. A proper attractive environment, a technique that would evoke curiosity and interest, plus an inducement, subtle but strong, to make the child " think for him/her" and above all, expression of lavish and loving concern, are all important factors in child education which no educational institution can afford to overlook.

  • To establish and run an educational set-up for a strong, young generation.
  • To enable the pupils to receive the right education from dedicated teachers under dynamic administration.
  • To prepare children for complete living.
  • To impart a sound and all round education to the child irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  • To provide proper orientation to the child aimed at drawing out his/her latent potentialities.
  • To orient the child to develop a strong character, self-reliance, integrity, fellow feeling and a sense of duty towards society and the nation.
  • To orient the child to strive for excellence in every field.
  • To foster realistic understanding, appreciation and faith in the culture of India.
  • To prepare children for a democratic way of life.
  • To equip children with the futuristic outlook suited to meritocratic-society.